5/10 Minute Gestures

people sketches

Gesture drawing is always a good way to warm up I think, even though it might not be some of your best drawings… it can give you good ideas and it’s more about training your brain to observe and be imaginative. Some of these drawing an experiment and not true to form, exaggerating the lines and model.

You do and I’ll give you such a wallop!

dragon sketch

I drew inspiration for this sketch from an old Looney Tunes line “You do and I’ll give you such a pinch!”, although I mistakenly remembered it as wallop instead of it actually being “pinch”. It’s one of those many Mel Blanc voices that would send me into fits of laughter.


Untitled-1rhino life sketches

Below I mentioned this curve in the rhino leg, as weird as it may look this is actually how a rhino leg bends… I found it interesting.

rhino life sketches 4rhino life sketches 3rhino life sketches 2

Rhinos are amazing to draw, I had a lot of fun sketching these beautiful animals and I learned something really weird about the rhino anatomy along the way… the bend of their foot on close observation curves in an unnatural way, I would not have believed it possible if I had not studied these creatures.

I want to sketch more of these animals soon.


Stranger Things






Some fan art sketches of the characters from Stranger Things, it was fun caricature these characters. I have some new brushes that I am playing around with at the moment, and I love the quality of the line. It feels a lot like sketching on paper with real ink.

Really cool show and can’t wait for the new season to begin!

Is It Halloween yet…

stranger things

Waiting for Stranger Things 2 (forget Game of Thrones, even though I do like that show too), this show was really a breath of fresh air. It also is a great example of how simplistic storytelling works best.