Don’t Create A Pose Without Knowing… WHY! – A study of ‘The Red Shoes’ (1948)

Screenshot (8)

For a very long while I’ve struggled to grasp balance and weight for animation… then, just a day ago… this footage from THE RED SHOES (’48), (I found over on FilmStruck’s Twitter page) appeared and it’s starting to make more sense! This is an amazing display of weight-shift, balance and Line of action, etc. All in one sequence! Especially important for this shot is the counterbalance of the arms in relation to the legs. I’ve been doing some studies over the top of the footage to really analyse and observe the importance of weight and biomechanics.

I am not an expert… but as a student of learning, reading and studying into these areas. I hope to improve my knowledge and progress with my skills. Maybe along the way, others will be able to critique and share their views, and maybe, even more, will benefit from these tips and notes.


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