Do Get The Best Animation Poses By Exploring All Avenues

Screenshot (13)

Almost coming to the end of this study… I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! But I will refer back to it and go deeper into the other areas someday. 😁

Again here is another unbalanced pose example to show off dynamic force… I think this pose is my favourite out of the whole performance. You really get the feeling, all of the energy bursts out all at once in this pose. It’s also a special pose for a slight breather, embracing the calm stillness of the moment. It’s really a beautiful element of the entire dance.
But, I really want to look at the foot and analyse this part of the body. The foot is an ugly amazing thing (that’s right I’m not found if feet personally), but I can’t deny that the foot is really an interesting part of the balancing act. Without feet and especially toes, we’d all be belly flopping walruses!
Here is a section taken from BRIDGMAN’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING FROM LIFE, p.g. 311.
Abduction and Adduction these are controlled by the tendons that pass round the inner ankles. The foot is capable of turning and elevating its inner border. The muscle that causes this movement passes from the outer to the inner side of the leg. The tendons passes over the arch of the foot to the base of the metatarsal of the great toe and is called the tibialis anticus.

  1. The extenders as they pass under the annular ligament.
  2. Tendons of both the long and short peroneals pass round the outer ankle to the outer side of the foot.
  3. The tibialis anticus passes in front of the inner ankle to be inserted into the base of the great toe.

This frame is taken from the clip posted by FilmStruck twitter page, from the clip of THE RED SHOES (1948).


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