Gravity Is Constantly Affecting The Body In Both Static And Dynamic Movement

Screenshot (14)

“Reality applies to physics, not ethics.” – Albert Einstein.

You don’t have to be a super know-it-all when it comes to animation and physics. Although I’ve grown very interested in the subject… as an animator, you’ll need to understand the laws of inertia. Why things move the way that they do? How an object behaves against the forces of gravity? But don’t get too crazy… you’ll need to convey those ideas, as simple as you can… without the headaches.
First, you need to understand the concept of force and momentum – moving objects have momentum. It all depends on the direction of the motion, so, let’s say you deflect a moving object… this is considered as a change of momentum.
Unbalanced forces cause the momentum of an object – the bigger the force, the quicker the momentum changes. Just like the frame in this post, which is unbalanced; forces of gravity push the dancer to the other side which will speed up her timing and spacing of the action she is creating. This is also considered to be Dynamic Movement.
This post is influenced by the teaching of Animation Physics, by Alejandro Garcia. The man is a genius look for his posts on Animation Island and also YouTube.

This Frame is taken from the clip posted by FilmStruck’s Twitter page, of THE RED SHOES (1948).


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