Push Your Shapes

Screenshot (22)

I really respect and appreciate the notes posted by @grizandnorm who I have learned this next tip from their #tuesdaytips “PICK A SIDE”. So, I think today’s note will come from their quote “To create appeal and clarity in your figure drawing (or any character drawing). Try to simplify an overall side of the body and to keep the details (limbs sticking out, face profile, body compression) to the other side. Your posing will become much more dynamic and interesting to look at, creating an organic asymmetry to the overall silhouette of the body”. In animation, it is important to map out your poses in simple terms, with appeal and clarity.

Finally, here is a simple question from Fred Moore’s 14 points of animation, to think about when posing a character: “Is this the simplest statement of the main idea of the scene?”

This frame is taken from FilmStruck’s Twitter page of a clip from THE RED SHOES (1948).


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