You do and I’ll give you such a wallop!

dragon sketch

I drew inspiration for this sketch from an old Looney Tunes line “You do and I’ll give you such a pinch!”, although I mistakenly remembered it as wallop instead of it actually being “pinch”. It’s one of those many Mel Blanc voices that would send me into fits of laughter.



Untitled-1rhino life sketches

Below I mentioned this curve in the rhino leg, as weird as it may look this is actually how a rhino leg bends… I found it interesting.

rhino life sketches 4rhino life sketches 3rhino life sketches 2

Rhinos are amazing to draw, I had a lot of fun sketching these beautiful animals and I learned something really weird about the rhino anatomy along the way… the bend of their foot on close observation curves in an unnatural way, I would not have believed it possible if I had not studied these creatures.

I want to sketch more of these animals soon.


Stranger Things






Some fan art sketches of the characters from Stranger Things, it was fun caricature these characters. I have some new brushes that I am playing around with at the moment, and I love the quality of the line. It feels a lot like sketching on paper with real ink.

Really cool show and can’t wait for the new season to begin!

Dedication to the Craft of Animation


I won the Sixteen South Award for Dedication to the Craft of Animation!

Sixteen South Award

Ending the year with a big surprise… finishing off my degree with a 1st class honours and a trophy. I was completely overwhelmed at receiving this award.

Five years have been a very long time coming – but it’s finally here… and now I am ready to start making my next adventure. I have decided to keep this blog as my active log for documenting my journey, I know a lot of great things are only just around the corner and I want to share and continue to document them all.

If you know me, I love sharing and discussing anything on animation!

Looking forward to posting more soon!